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Snowplow driver saves boy found wandering alone during bitter cold


WEST BEND (WKOW) -- A snowplow driver may have earned a new title -- hero -- to one family, at least.

David Gehrke saved a boy who was wandering the streets in sub-zero cold.

Gehrke was plowing in West Bend at 4 a.m. Friday when he saw five-year-old Maddox, outside and alone. The boy was wearing pajamas, but no shoes, hat or jacket.

"I immediately took my jacket off and wrapped it around him and put him in the truck," Gehrke told WISN-TV. "I called police dispatch. I got the heat blasting in the truck, I'll keep him warm until we get help on the way."

Maddox and his mom, Brittany Weissenburger, got to thank Gehrke in person on Wednesday.

"I'm so thankful, like what are the odds he would find him at that exact moment, that he pretty much came outside," said Weissenburger.

The five-year-old told police he was scared. He thought he was home alone, so he left for his grandpa's. His 14-year-old aunt was there babysitting. His mom was at work.

Weissenburger said she's taking steps to make sure Maddox doesn't wander off again. She said she's already bought a bunch of alarms and cameras.

Neena Pacholke

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