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Getting Answers: After COVID-19, when could your sense of smell return?


(WKOW/ABC) -- In many cases of COVID-19, people lose their sense of taste and smell. A new study from a group of European researchers has found that of a group of 2,500 participants who had COVID-19, a majority of those people regained their sense of smell within 2 months.

The average length of recovery was about 3 weeks.

The loss of smell most often showed up in mild COVID-19 where a person did not have to be hospitalized. It was more uncommon to lose the sense of smell in cases where the person had a severe case that did require hospitalization.

Despite the news, it's still not really known why there's a loss of smell. In the case of the common cold, loss of smell comes from nasal congestion but that's not always with the case with COVID-19.

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