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Wisconsin Safe Haven law offers help to families

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(WAOW)—First responders are offering a reminder that options are available in the case of parents being unable, for whatever reason, to keep their newborn child.

The reminder comes after an Albany teen faces charges in relation to the death of his infant.

The Wisconsin Safe Haven Law allows parents to relinquish an infant that is under 72 hours old to any first responder, no questions asked. Those first responders could be a police officer, 911 emergency medical staff person or hospital staff member.

The first responders may ask the parent to fill out a form in order to help providers care for the infant, but it is not required.

"In the scope of what we would do, we would absolutely accept an infant that happens to be dropped off at our fire department, and we would follow up with our pediatric protocols. This is a much better alternative than what we saw in Albany the last few days," said John Lauer, Battalion Chief of SAFER Fire Department.

Lauer said the Safe Haven Law prioritizes to keep the infant safe.

Click here for more information on Safe Haven.

Victoria Saha

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