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VACCINE UPDATE: 77,762 receive COVID-19 vaccine since last week in Wisconsin

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(WAOW) — Wisconsin has been vaccinating group 1A against COVID-19 for a month now.

State health officials and Gov. Tony Evers have faced criticism for slow rollout of COVID-19 vaccine. They say in order to vaccinate more quickly they need more vaccines.

Gov. Tony Evers again called on federal government to send more vaccine doses to Wisconsin in order for vaccinators to fulfill requests.

Now, Wisconsin's Department of Health Services (DHS) is providing its weekly update on the status of allocation, shipment, and administration of COVID-19 vaccines. Here's where the state stands.


As of Tuesday, the state has a total allocation of 607,650 vaccine, an increase of 187,450 from the week before. Of that allocation, 197,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine are reserved as part of the federal Pharmacy Partnership Program.

Those doses will be specifically allocated to the residents and staff of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

This leaves 410,650 doses available to continue vaccinating group 1A. Originally, the estimate of this groups population was about 470,000, now Gov. Tony Evers estimates the population to be 550,000.

Meaning the available doses now could account for first doses of 75% of group 1A.


Of all the allocated doses, 373,100, or 61%, have been shipped to the state for distribution to vaccinators.

The 197,000 reserved doses (which is nearly a third of the total allocation) currently do not show in the shipped data point as they are in "bank."

This means there are 37,550 doses still to be shipped to the state.


According to DHS, 163,371 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered (some of these are second doses).

This an increase of 77,762 doses from the week before. Of the administered doses, 104,806 are the Pfizer vaccine and 58,564 the Moderna vaccine.

Still, the administered doses only accounts for 44% of shipped doses and 27% of the total allocation.

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