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COVID-19 hospitalizations at their lowest in nearly three months

COVID hospitalization

(WAOW) — As of Sunday afternoon, hospitals across the state of Wisconsin are treating fewer than 1,000 COVID-19 patients.

This is the first time hospitalizations have dipped this low since October 13, nearly three months ago.

Exactly how many patients is not consistent between Wisconsin's Department of Health Services (DHS) and the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA).

DHS reports that there are 973 patients, WHA reports 999. Those patients make up between 11.2% and 11.5% of all hospital beds in use.

Both entities report that 219, or 23%, of COVID-19 patients in hospitals are in the ICU.

In the North Central Wisconsin Region, DHS and WHA report that 93 patients are in the hospital with COVID-19, making up for 11% of beds in use.

Of those patients, 28, or 30% are in the ICU.

Hospitalizations, much like COVID-19 cases and reported deaths, hit a peak in mid-November.

Hospitalizations peaked on November 17 with 2,277 patients. New reports of COVID-19 cases and deaths were also peaking during this period in mid November.

During the peak, DHS reported that more than 90% of all hospital beds were in use.

As of Sunday, DHS reports that 79% of beds are in use.

Still, the seven-day average, last calculated from December 23 to January 5, show that hospitalizations are on a slow downward trajectory. At the start of the period, the average was 1,294, by the end it dropped to 1,063.

The seven-day averages for beds in use overall remained relatively unchanged for the entire period, hovering around 82%. The ICU saw a slight decrease from 85% in use to 83%.

Generally ICU patients made up between 20-23% of all COVID-19 patients.

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