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Mother, daughter spend the holiday working together at the hospital


LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - Health care workers at local hospitals and clinics have been working around the clock to care for patients.

At Mayo Clinic Health System, a call was put out to medical staff to volunteer during the holiday season, and a local nurse got quite the surprise.

Nurse Meg Bonadurer was joined by her mother Kitty Maxwell Bonadurer on Christmas Eve. Kitty works in outpatient care now and usually works on New Years', but this year, she decided to answer the call and work alongside her daughter. Meg usually works on the Christmas holiday, and she said it was nice to have her mother working with her.

"It feels nice to not be the only one working on Christmas this year because normally, I make my family have to delay Christmas because of me, and now it's not just because of me!" said Meg.

It's one of the few holidays they'll get to spend together while helping those who are sick try and get better.

Amanda Lojewski

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