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18 dogs surrendered to Marathon County Humane Society

Marathon Co. (WAOW) -- The Marathon County Humane Society was left swamped after 18 dogs were surrendered Monday.

The Humane Society hasn't said much about these dogs, just that they came from Bevent, and were allegedly surrendered by the owner.

We do know some of them are under a year old. Shelter officials also say the dogs are not used to people or leashes.

“Once we can get these dogs back on all four feet we’ll have really great dogs available for adoption," said Lisa Lietermann, Executive Director of the Humane Society. "But for right now we’ve just got to let them figure out what is going on with this whole new situation that they’re in.”

Lietermann said because of these behavioral issues, it will be a while before the dogs are ready to be adopted.

They're looking for possible families for their already adoptable dogs to free up space in the kennel. They're also in need of supplies like food for the pups.

Natalie Sopyla

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