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Clear Saturday. Cloudy Sunday

Today was a very nice looking day with hardly a cloud in the sky. Temperatures were on the cooler side, but we will see these November-like temperatures for the entire forecast.

Tonight: Increasing clouds and quiet.

Low: 23 Wind: SE 0-5

Sunday: Mostly cloudy with a 50% chance of isolated light snow showers or light rain after noon (around 2-5 PM). Likely only a dusting or a sprinkle but 1 inch accumulation could be possible esp. NW.

High: 38 Wind: SSW 3-7

As we transition to Sunday, a low pressure system moving north of Wisconsin will bring us increasing clouds and a chance for light precipitation. Right now, showers are still looking isolated, and the timing will be following midday. Many counties will have low accumulations, and it is possible that counties to the east may not see any precipitation at all. Temperatures will be a touch warmer than today but likely still around average in the upper 30s. Monday will be a replica of our Saturday with mostly sunny skies, although there may be a few upper-level wispy clouds. Temperatures will be around the mid-30s, so while it will look nice, it will still feel chilly.

The heavier precipitation in the area will hold off until Tuesday. Tuesday is currently forecast as an 80% chance for moderate to heavy snow or rain. Even 3 days out, the models are quite variable. Some models predict widespread snow showers, some a mixture of snow and rain with the dividing line around central Wisconsin, and some show all rain showers. A parameter that most models agree on is the amount of moisture, which is currently looking to be higher. Expect a wet mixture for Tuesday evening with snow accumulations between 1-4 inches or more. Moisture may stay in the area until Wednesday morning, so there is a small chance of residual morning showers the following day. After the snow or rain has ended, Wednesday will begin clearing.

Fortunately, with showers out of the way, Thanksgiving day should be fairly dry and a touch warmer as well. Temperatures are forecast to be around 40 degrees but will likely be in the low 40s. Winds are looking to be less than 10 miles an hour so it will be comfortable.

Friday and Saturday will quickly jump back to the 30s and the next chance for any snowfall will be next Sunday.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! Meteorologist Jackson Garlock 21-November 2020

On this day in weather history:

1987 - Squalls in the Lower Great Lakes Region and the Upper Ohio Valley produced 14 inches of snow at Snowshoe WV, and nearly eight inches at Syracuse NY. Eleven cities in the eastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date. Record lows included 21 degrees at Pinson AL, 9 degrees at Syracuse NY, and 8 degrees at Binghamton NY. Gale force winds lash the Middle and Northern Atlantic Coast, and the strong northwesterly winds produced wind chill readings as cold as 30 degrees below zero. Winds gusting to 60 mph at Trumansburg NY toppled a chimney onto a nearby truck. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

Jackson Garlock

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