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Wausau man opens up about his COVID-19 recovery

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WAUSAU (WAOW)- For the longest time COVID-19 seemed like a problem that was very far away from Jack Rosenberg.

It was a normal Sunday evening for Rosenberg who spent his time playing darts with friends.

He was not masked up nor were his friends except one.

The next day he got a little cough that he did not think was a big deal, but then other COVID-19 symptoms started to kick in.

"It was hard to sleep at night because of the fever and losing your sense of taste or smell," Rosenberg said.

This prompted him to get tested and sure enough the virus that we all have been hearing about was right at his door step.

"We knew it was around and all of a sudden it went from other people to me and my family my wife got it," he said.

Next came the phone calls and texts to his friends he was just with days before.

"That was not fun at all," he said. "The toughest thing was not me being sick it was getting others sick."

Some of his friends got sicker than he was but recovered, except that one friend in his group that was wearing a mask.

Rosenberg said that masked up friend did not get COVID-19.

"Wear your mask and be courteous to other people," he said.

Although Rosenberg made a full recovery now more than a month later he said he still gets unusually tired.

Rosenberg tells News 9 you might be fine if you get the virus but there is a good chance someone else will get it because of you and they may not be as lucky.

Victoria Saha

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