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Merrill girls basketball team adjusting to life in 2020

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Merrill, Wis. (WAOW) -- Adapt and overcome. It's a common saying in the Marine Corps, and it's a part of life for prep athletes as they start their winter seasons.

For all, playing sports is a privilege. But this year, it's something else, too.

"The one word I have is relief. I was very scared we weren't going to play this year for my senior year. But as fall sports played their season, I became more relieved and relieved, and now it's great feeling to have it back on and having practice again," said senior Courtney Krueger.

But playing in the midst of a pandemic brings plenty of challenges.

"The biggest change is adjusting to these masks when running. The first day it hit us hard that it's gonna be harder for us," Krueger said.

"It kinda seems like you have to play with the teammates you have, because it's always going to be different, there's always gonna be some people gone, so you have to work with what you have for the season and make the best of it," said Erin Murray.

Despite all the challenges, the Bluejays are finding a way to make it work.

"It's definitely different than previous years, but I think we're all just glad that we get to do it at all. The face masks definitely made it difficult, and having to take different precautions that you don't normally have to take, but it's definitely a lot better than none," Murray said.

And with all the uncertainty looming, they're also finding a way to cherish every moment.

"Take every opportunity you get. So however many games we get, we get, but be grateful for everything you get this year," Kreuger said.

"We have a big group of seniors who have been playing since fourth grade, so it would just be different not to have a season with those girls, like the last season that you're always hoping that you get with your seniors, so it would be kind of sad if we didn't get that, so we're trying to embrace what we have right now," Murray said.

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