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Marshfield Medical Center to open third COVID-19 unit


MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WAOW)— The Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield is expanding their COVID-19 unit for a second time.

When the center was first hospitalizing COVID-19 patients, a small COVID-19 unit was opened on one of the floors.

When the number of patients grew they converted an entire floor into a COVID-19 unit.

Now the unit is expanding once again as the hospital has designated another part of a floor to serve as a COVID-19 unit.

"We see patients coming into the unit without oxygen and their lips and fingers are blue and their O2 levels are in the 50s the staff do what they can and whatever is best for the patient but at times that is all they can do," said Theresa Weiler who supervises one of the units at the hospital.

Higher levels of personal protective equipment are used when working in these units.

Ben Zitouni

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