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Gun store shelves are empty due to ammunition shortage

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(WAOW)—As hunters get ready for this gun deer season, finding ammunition is becoming a hunt in itself, since stores are seeing a shortage.

Phones are ringing off the hook over in Rothschild at Gun Smith Jake LLC, according to the owner.

"I get like 20 to 40 calls a day pertaining to people looking to buy ammunition or searching for it," said Jake Schira owner of Gun Smith Jake LLC.

All Schira can do is direct people to somewhere that may have a supply of ammunition.

Heading up North, the shelves are also empty at Mels Trading Post in Rhinelander.

"We are into gun deer season, where we should have ammo for everybody, but we have ammo for nobody," said owner Mitch Mode.

Mode has been open for business for 70 years, and a shortage on ammunition like this is something he said he never had to deal with.

"Every four years during election people get jittery and tend to stock up on ammo, especially if a democrat is winning the election, this year you have that with COVID," Mode said.

Mode placed orders back in July which still have not fully come in.

When he does get a supply of ammunition back he is allowing one box per purchase.

Even with the shortage, Schira said it is critical to use the correct ammunition for your gun.

"You want to make sure the chambering of the rifle is correct and that the ammo is correct in that rifle it is not like gas where you can put premium or cheaper fuel," Schira said.

Mode said he does not expect to catch up with the demand until 2021.

Victoria Saha

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