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D4 Finals: Amherst sends Brillion packing

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AMHERST, Wis. (WAOW) -- Going into the night, you could agrue these two teams were an even match up. Brillion's all run no pass offense led them to be undefeated all season long, but the falcons stopped that steak tonight. Amherst, the unstoppable combo that Tristan Shelvan and Ian Hall and the defense send Brillion to the bus with a 48-14 defeat.

The Falcons flying right out, Tristan Shelvan returns the kickoff for a 77 yard touchdown. Making the score 7-0 after the first play of the game.

What goes through your mind on a wide open kick return like that? Shelvan says, " I broke through, turned the jets on and just went all the way." Simple as that.

One minute later, the falcons have the ball. Shelvan takes the ball from 40-yard line to the end zone all by himself. Falcons up 14-0 just two minutes into the 1st quarter.

Brillion gets the ball and on 1st and 10, lions quarterback Mason Behnke pushed out of his comfort zone, lobs it 10-yards to Cartern Stabane, who keeps his hands on it just long enough to pass the pylons, but fumbles after the touchdown. It may not have been pretty, but it got the lions on the board.

While falcons Shelvan appears to be able to do it all, he's best when paired with wide reciever Ian Hall.

When asked about the combo Shelvan said, "we worked all season long, three times a week just setting up me to him. We got that down solid, and its paid off. " And that it has, the pair combined for 3 touchdowns on the night.

In the 3rd quarter, a short pass to Hall slipped through his fingers in the end zone. What did they do? Ran the exact play again.

If it ain't broke don't fix it.

After the game, head coach Mark Lusic said, "I'm proud of these guys, they had a really great year, the seniors -- we were senior led from the quarterback, our offensive line the defense, everybody, what a great team effort from top to bottom."

Through a year that brought unprecidented challenges, the falcons flew high.

Shelvan, a senior, may have rather ended his season with a state title, but he's more than happy with tonight.

"It means everything, just to get the last win, and at our home field. The feeling's amazing."

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