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Wausau launching recycling education app ‘Betterbin’

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) —A new app is coming to residents of Wausau in 2021 for the purpose of recycling and disposal education.

The City of Wausau is partnering with Rocket Industrial in creating the Betterbin app.

“Just like trash disposal, recycling comes with financial costs,” said Mary Anne Groat, City of Wausau Finance Director and Recycling Coordinator. “When we can help our residents put the correct materials in recycling and refuse carts, we are doing our part to minimize long-term waste management costs and meet state-mandated materials landfill bans at the same time.”

The Betterbin app will allow residents to scan the UPC barcode or test search a protect to get local disposal instructions as defined by Eagle Waste & Recycling.

This is in hopes of increasing volumes of acceptable items and decreasing volumes of unacceptable items. This increases the efficiency of processing materials and generates more economic value from recovered materials.

“This is a cool public-private partnership that has a positive economic and environmental impact,” said Ryan Gallagher, President of Rocket Industrial. “A core part of our mission as a packaging supplier is our Package With Less™ philosophy, where we help clients avoid the landfill. Supporting an app that people can use to recycle more effectively aligns perfectly with our mission, allowing us to better analyze packaging usage, ‘cradle to grave.’”

Betterbin is active in several Wisconsin communities already, including Weston for residential recycling and UWSP for campus recycling.

“Wausau residents are lucky to have a core group of local solid waste stakeholders who can see the economic and environmental impacts of residents being better recyclers,” said Michelle Goetsch, Co-founder of Betterbin. “We’re excited to bring residents a fun, innovative tool to support recycling education in this community.”

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