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UPDATE: Wausau mask resolution to start after state wide extended mask order expires

WAUSAU, Wis.(WAOW)- Governor Tony Evers extended his state wide mask mandate until January which means the Wausau mask resolution will not go into effect.

Mayor Katie Rosenberg told News 9 the city resolution will only go into effect after the state wide order expires.

The Wausau mask resolution would have gone into effect after the state wide mandate was set to expire which would have been November 21st.


WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW)-- The Wausau Common Council has approved a resolution that would require a city wide mask requirement.

It passed by an eight to three vote.

The resolution would only go into effect if the statewide mask mandate expires and isn't renewed, it is set to expire on November 21st.

The city's public health and safety committee approved the resolution last week.

The committee considered both a mask resolution and a mask ordinance. The mask ordinance includes a civil fine, the resolution does not.

The resolution requires people over age five to wear a mask inside spaces open to the public.

"This is not masks for the rest of our lives it's not forever but we have to do something in the short term to get control of our virus cases," said Lisa Rasmussen who is the seventh district alderperson.

Exemptions to the resolution include medical and religious reasons.

If the city's requirement goes into effect it would expire on January 31st.

The public health and safety committee will look at ways of educating the public when it comes to mask wearing as well as making mask available to the public.

Ben Zitouni

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