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2020 First Snowfall Contest – Winning Dates

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WAOW Snowfall Contest

**Update** October 30th

The drawing for the top 5 prizes was held on Wake-Up Wisconsin on Friday October 30th. Here are the winners

  1. Carrie Witberler
  2. Thomas Decker
  3. Thomas Place
  4. Lisa Dintelman
  5. Kristi Isberner

We have 50 consolation prizes (a basic car wash coupon) to distribute randomly to 50 of the other people who predicted the correct date. Prizes will be mailed out during the week of November 2nd through November 7th.


This year was one of the most unusual snowfall contests we have experienced. Not only is it the earliest winning date on in the contest's history, it would have been earlier except for the fact that we got going a little late with the entry period. You might recall that 2.8 inches of snow fell in Wausau on October 20th. That would have been the winning date except that the entry period did not end until October 23rd.

Then, we had another one inch snowfall and for the first time in the contest's history it was one inch that did not fall on just one day – therefore we have two winning dates this year, October 25th and October 26th. Measuring on top of the cars at WAOW we found 0.9 inches of snow fell prior to midnight on October 25th and 0.2 inches fell between midnight and 2 a.m. Monday morning October 26th. The total snowfall was 1.1 inches (at WAOW).

The drawing for the top prizes from Wagner Shell will be held once all of the mailed-in entries have arrived. We are hoping to have the drawing on Friday October 30th. Thanks to all who entered this very interesting First Snowfall Contest of 2020.

A preliminary look at the entries reveals at least 282 people predicted either October 25th or October 26th

Here are the prizes up for grabs:

$250 Wagner Shell gift card plus 52 basic Wagner Shell car washes (grand prize)

$150 Wagner Shell gift card (2nd place)

$100 Wagner Shell gift card (3rd place)

$50 Wagner Shell gift card (4th place)

$25 Wagner Shell gift card (5th place)

Wagner Shell Car wash coupon – up to 50 available (consolation prize)

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