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Wood County fire safety open houses fill void

Pittsville, Wis. (WAOW) -- After the departments annual "Get fired up" event was cancelled due to COVID-19, stations took matters into their own hands, because as fire safety isn't something you let smolder.

After the cancelled was announced, 8 stations worked together to host individual open houses, all on a collective day. Each fire station hosting a fire safety lesson of their own.

Pittsville's lesson was lighters and holiday decorations, others were fire extinguishers and more.

Pittsville fire chief Jerry Minor said, "Fire prevention is what we do if we can prevent that we can prevent injury and death and structural damage as well."

Without children in schools across Central Wisconsin, the department isn't able to interact and teach like they normally would -- making this open house even more valuable than in past years.

If you missed the event today, you're encouraged to visit your local fire department, thats what they're there for.

Courtney Terlecki

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