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Honeydew melon
Justin's melon plants

This week on Garden Goodies the morning crew enjoyed a couple of melons - honeydew melon and muskmelon.

Muskmelons are the "orange" melon. Honeydew melons are the green melons. Many people confuse muskmelons with cantaloupes. In reality cantaloupes are a sub-species of muskmelons, so muskmelons are the original orange melon. In the end, cantaloupes and muskmelons taste very similar. Most people do not know the difference.

Muskmelon originated in ancient Persia. Honeydew melons are also a subspecies of muskmelons.

All melons are vining plants so they either need a good amount of space to spread out, like a 5 foot radius around the planting area or they need a trellis to grow/climb on.

Justin Loew has a tough time growing melons. He says sometimes the vines grow huge and then there are few fruit, or he gets a good amount of fruit and then they go bad before they get ripe.

It is also difficult to tell when the fruit is ripe. Even when most of the signs that say the melon is "ripe", there is a chance it will not be ripe or it might be over ripe.

The best way to ensure a few good melons each year it to grow several plants. If you have several of each melon, then you can pick one to test it out. If it is good, then you can pick the rest of them and enjoy. If it is not yet ripe, no problem, you can wait a few days and pick another.

Neena Pacholke

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