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GARDEN GOODIES: Turkish breakfast

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turkish breakfast

For this week's segment of Garden Goodies the Wake Up Wisconsin crew had a traditional Turkish breakfast. The breakfast is a simple and healthy assortment of sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced meat, feta (and/or mozzarella) cheese and various forms of olives and olive oil.

Turkey is a big olive growing region of the world and they eat olives at most every meal and have olive oil on most cooked dishes.

The tomatoes and cucumbers are from Justin Loew's garden. Both are common vegetables that are fairly easy to grow. The main problem with tomatoes is the blight - a fungal problem that is very common.

Justin has tried many different ways to combat the blight but nothing has worked, so he just let the tomatoes grow, trim the lowest leaves and branches and he usually gets a fair amount of tomatoes. This year, Justin ended up with the largest crop of cucumbers he's had in several growing seasons, because he planted them in a more sunny area. More sun makes a big difference.

Justin also has an olive tree, but it is not big enough yet to produce olives - maybe next year. He used canned olives for this breakfast, combining them with fresh basil from my garden to make a tepenade.

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