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The second annual “Be Strong for a Cause” Strongman qualifier brings residents from all over to Marshfield

Marshfield, Wis. (WAOW) -- Competitors and community members gathered in Marshfield Saturday for a charity national strong man qualifier for the second year in a row.

The event was hosted by Boost Athletics Gym. It brought in people from all over the state.

There was no surprise from competitor Derek Defranco. He says, "there's a good turnout again this year, really good, some good sponsors here, good people; it's good lifting for sure." He then added, "it's a good community of people, the strongman community, the powerlifting community, it's a really strong, really good community of people."

The name is "Be Strong for a Cause" because all proceeds go to NOW (Nutrition On the Weekends), a local United Way program.

"Any time you're doing anything like this for a good cause is always a perfect situation," says competitor, Kevin Gross. Another competitor, Sergio Perez-Santos adds, "Not a lot of people have a lot of money right now to afford a lot of necessities such as food for their children, so I think this is awesome."

Of course, competition is still on their minds, as Gross says, "We're just looking to compete."

Some are even looking to break records. But, in the end, the day is really about fun and community.


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