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Marathon County developing way to report non-mask compliance

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Wausau, Wis. (WAOW) -- If you've felt uncomfortable in a public space where masks weren’t being worn, there will be a tool to help soon.

Marathon County is debuting a mask non-compliance reporting outlet sometime next week.

While they aren't sure exactly what it'll look like yet, the idea is for the community to report areas, businesses and individuals of noncompliance.

Some area residents are looking forward to the option.

Kristen Lucas says she believes the program would be well used.

"If this was available I would definitely use it. It really puts the businesses in an awkward position and the employees are just doing their job and I think the majority of people are just trying to be safe it's not really a political thing it's just everybody can just practice this I think we'll all be better off in the long run," Lucas said.

Lucas recalled a situation she was in a last week, where a group of customers refused to wear a mask causing a situation that escalated violently, and she empathized for the employee's just trying to do their jobs.

Others don't believe it will be utilized.

Travis Munchow says he recently lost a kidney, putting him in the high risk category for COVID-19. Even though he doesn't like wearing a mask, he wears one because he values his health.

"It's a free country so if you wanna wear one that's your choice but reporting someone about it shouldn't really matter it's their life if they wanna get sick or not," said Munchow.

This comes after nearly all area sheriffs departments and many police departments said they would not be enforcing the order -- some saying it should fall to health departments.

Clark County debuted its own reporting channel, last week.

We will have more information on this story early next week.

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