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(WAOW)- Beets have been known since ancient Greece and are a descendant of chard.

The modern "sugar beet" was developed through centuries of careful breeding. It is a root plant that grows in temperate climates and grows well in normal garden soil.

Beets are generally eaten raw, boiled, or cooked. However, one of the main uses of beets is sugar production.

Out of the 130 million metric tons of sugar produced in the world every year, about 35 percent comes from beets.

On Wednesday, the Wake Up Wisconsin Team enjoyed oven roasted beets.

Most people make beets by boiling them.

If you want more flavor and more nutrition, roasting is a vastly superior way of preparing beets.

Just take the leaves and roots off of the beet, wash thoroughly, rub lightly with olive oil, and cook (covered) in the oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes, or until you can stick a fork in them and observe that they have softened. For larger beets the cooking time could be longer.

Once cooled off, the skins will come off very easily by hand - no peeling.

Once you have eaten oven roasted beets, you might never go back to boiling them again

Victoria Saha

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