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The Day After The WIAC Cancelled Fall Sports

Stevens Point, WI (WAOW) -- Monday, July 27th the WIAC announced its cancellation of the 2020 fall athletic season.

News broke just after 6 pm, and traveled rapidly on social media and news networks. 

The decision left athletes and coaches with many unknowns.

UW Stevens Point Athletic Director Brad Duckworth got infront of the news, speaking with channel 9 shortly after the announcement. The day after, he spoke with us again, after he had dealth with the initial blow.

“I think yesterday was complete havok. It was a lot of parents and athletes asking ‘what do we do now’, a simple question with a complex answer.

The situation is different for every athletes. The one constant is each athlete must come to terms with today.

“You need to give yourself permission to feel. This is not a time to put up armour on and be strong -- this is a time we can be vulnerable with each other because to be honest, it hurts." Said UWSP Volleyball coach Lyndsay Kooi. 

Many coaches reacted quickly to tell their teams personally, including Kooi.

"I wanted to get out to my team before the wiac press release. I was actually on a different call at the time so I had to shoot a text. That wasn’t the way I wanted to do it but I wanted to get out ahead of the ballgame so they’re not finding out on social media." said Kooi.

Pointers Sr. cornerback Donovan Lucas shared his raw emotion, "I’m stuck in between being angry and being sad." “You want to be angry, but you don’t have anyone to be angry at. Ultimately you have to believe they made the decision best for everyone. 

Athletes routines changed over night.

"Instead of planning my day in preparation of season I found myself laying there for an extra -- thirty minutes just pondering the thought of you know-- season -- it just aint coming back", continued Lucas. 

Season is not coming back. A fact that has many many in disbelief.

Ellie Adams, a Sr. Setter for UWSP though back to her reaction, "I knew that was an option in the back of my head but I guess I didn't expect it to be the first news that we got."

All fall sport seniors will retain their year of eligibility -- but not all will use it.

Adams shared her tentative plans for the future. "I wanted to go to grad school right after graduation so I think that’s something i'll do - -but I definitely think i'll be using my last year of eligibility [staying at Stevens Point].

The women's volleyball team had momentum building for them since last season, after they punched their ticket to the NCAA tournament. 

Nevertheless, all WIAC teams are finding ways to stay positive.

"We’re all really in it together," said Adams.

And many share wisdom, bigger than sports --

"Covid isn't affecting one person, it’s affecting the whole world. So we just have to adapt and that's just what humans do." - Donovan Lucas

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