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Sidewalk Sale in Downtown Wausau

Wausau, WI (WAOW)- This weekend, Wausau River District is hosting its annual sidewalk sales event.

The summer event lets shoppers get big deals from over a dozen of their favorite local businesses, all while staying mostly outside.

Most indoor spaces are open, but with limited capacity, much of the merchandise has been taken outside and lined the sidewalks.

"Yeah I love that it's outside, I definitely don't go into a ton of stores so it's nice to be able to kind of peruse stuff on the sidewalk and be in the open air for sure" said shopper Bree Vandenheuvel.

Even with COVID-19 affecting many summer activities, the sidewalk sale gives a way for people to do their downtown shopping and enjoy the warm summer weather without risking their safety, hopefully helping to achieve a sense of normalcy.


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