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GARDEN GOODIES: Garlic broccoli stir fry

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Being one of the most well known spices in the world, it is a shame that it has not been featured on garden goodies yet through the years. Thanks to a friendly area gardener, Justin now have some garlic to use now, but also to plant and grow for next year.

Garlic scientifically known as Allium sativum is a plant species belonging to Allium which is an onion genus. The garlic species is closely related to other plant species including leeks, shallots, chives, and onions. Garlic has been used since the ancient times for food flavoring and as a traditional medicine.

Like many foods, China produces the vast majority of garlic in the world, about 20 million tons per year, which is approximately 19 times greater than all of the other garlic production in the world combined.

Garlic is easy to grow. Most people plant it in the fall. All you need are single cloves. Some gardeners just get some garlic from the store, separate the cloves, and plant them individually.

The garlic will grow a little in the fall and then go dormant for the winter. In the next year it will make a bulb. When the top have dried up and turned a little brown-ish is a good time to harvest them in the Summer.

This week the morning crew enjoyed fresh broccoli from Justin's garden in a "very garlic" stir fry.

Neena Pacholke

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