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Central Wisconsin Golf Card Tour: Merrill Golf Club

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This week's stop on the Central Wisconsin Golf Card Tour brings us to the Merrill Golf Club.

Club pro Paul Bjerke gives us a lesson on flop shots this week.

"First of all, a flop shot is a just a shot that goes nice and high and lands softly on the green," Bjerke said.

"Couple things you're going to want to do is use a 60 degree wedge. That's very helpful. Next thing you want to do is assess the lie."

"For a run of the mill lie," he said, "you can play middle of your stance, weight evenly distributed."

But for a worse like, Bjerke says, you want your weight a little forward.

"And then we have to get our wrists involved. Swing up and always follow through. If you flip at it, chance are you're going to send it over the green."

Paul and the staff at Merrill Golf Club are available to answer any other questions you may have about the course.

You can find their website here.

Brad Hanson

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