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Increased Covid Cases in Central Wisconsin

Wausau, WI (WAOW) -- As covid cases continue to rise across the country, and here at home. Local health officials say they're adjusting their plans daily -- in preparation.

As News 9 has previously reported -- many of the cases now -- are between the 20 and 29 year old age group.

Area hospitals say they aren't nearing capacity and covid facilities are actually quite empty.

"We aren't seeing an uptick in overall volumes. Were continuing to manage overall volumes through partnerships with other hospitals" said Aspirus' senior physician Ryan Andrews.

However, Marathon county health officials say there won't be a second spike -- because cases never dropped and instead continue to rise.

Marathon county's Judy Burrows told News 9, "We have seen forty-three new cases in the past week. Which is a large number for us considering how long it took us to even get to the first forty three cases."

Health officials explain that unless you have prior illnesses, or are elderly -- a hospital stay for covid is not typically necessary.

"The ability to care for themselves at home, such as their not getting shortness of breath -- they're able to keep hydrated and drink and eat and kind of ride it out, then that is the acceptable course of treatment", said Andrews.

The county stresses that numbers only represent confirmed cases. Yet most of these cases are reportedly coming from large social gatherings.

"The virus itself does not care who it infects. If you put yourself in the position of being exposed, you're running a high risk of being infected", continued Burrows.

Going into a holiday weekend, health officials ask the community to do their part -- in stopping the spread.

"Whether you're here, or in California or New York or Texas, if you put yourself in that position, the virus will take advantage."

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