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Annual Colby June Dairy Breakfast continues for its 39th year in a row

COLBY, Wis. (WAOW) -- In the badger state, June is Dairy Month, a time for residents to recognize local farmers.

"Cows don't take the weekend off so they have to be milked 365 days a year so dairy farmers work every day," said Jeanie Tesch, Committee Leader for Colby Dairy Breakfast.

Cheese, pancakes, and milk bringing families and farmers together for years. Like Brandon Butkus and his family, he said, "all the way back to when I was a kid we've always done dairy breakfasts and now having kids of our own I mean I don't think we've ever really missed a year in 5/6 years."

But, a small town like Colby facing problems other farmers have felt throughout the state of Wisconsin.

"The breakfast is to bring awareness to what's happening right now in the dairy industry with the COVID, but the last two years we had to deal with economic problems and we had to deal with weather problems," said Tesch.

This year's 39th Annual Colby June Dairy Breakfast is different.

Tesch said, "we actually joked about it we were like we should do a drive up and it was like March and then the more we thought about it we were like I think we can do this."

The drive-thru dairy breakfast, allowing Butkus and his family to continue showing their support.

"This morning we woke up and were like well we're going to do the dairy breakfast right," said Butkus.

Breakfast organizers putting safety first as all volunteers wore face masks and gloves, had their temperature taken before starting. All to ensure safety while enjoying a good meal.

The purpose of the breakfast Tesch says, "our dairy breakfast isn't out to make a huge profit our dairy breakfast is to raise money for scholarships while also support our local businesses that are in the area."

Amanda Lojewski

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