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Cheese prices are at a record high because of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Marshfield (WAOW)- Munching on some cheese always sounds like a good idea.

However, prices are taking a sharp turn here in America's dairy land.

"The biggest thing is how do you adjust to this so quickly in both directions down or up the stores didn't get a chance to adjust, the restaurants didn't get to adjust and the consumer didn't either so we are trying to feather our way through it," said Ken Heiman the manager of Nasonville Dairy in Marshfield.

Now that restaurants are opening up again, the demand has increased.

"We've got restaurants looking for that sliced and shredded cheddar, you've got people at home wanting that shredded product, so this all bears down on that one product that sets the price of the entire industry," said John Umhoefer with the Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association.

So how much of a difference are we talking about?

Back in April, a pound of cheese was a $1.00 the lowest it has been since 1977, Heiman said in the month of June a block of cheddar goes for $2.70 per pound.

However, before the lock down lifted grocery stores were seeing more consumers wanting cheese.

"They saw 70 percent surge because more people were cooking at home they had to eat at home restaurants the white table cloths especially all restaurants are down 80 percent yet," Heiman said.

At Nasonville Dairy they are shipping out 165,000 pounds of cheese a day.

"There are 637 different kinds of cheese we need to adjust but we need to make money and to keep reinvesting," Heiman said.

With Wisconsin's love for cheese, Heiman expects people to continue wanting to buy cheese no matter what the price is.

As far as how long the price increases will stick around, Heiman said it could be anywhere between 6-18 months.

Victoria Saha

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