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Blastomycosis Warning for Busy Outdoor Season

Wausau, Wis. (WAOW) -- This is a picture of a lab named Nud, short for Nudder-Budder.

Two weeks ago Nud started acting strange, he had trouble breathing and quickly began throwing up blood.

His owner, Sara, took him to the vet and was told he had a collapsed lung.

Lab results showed he had blastomycosis.

Nud died 8 days later.

Owner Sara Sperka chronicled her story on Facebook. She said, "we only had one swim this summer, and it was at Pfaff Park"

NEWS 9 spoke to Wisconsin Valley Veterinary Service veterinarian Dr. Brittany Bloch about Blastomycosis.

She said, "It's inhaled as a spore. Typically it is inhaled and that's how it gets into the body and once it gets into the body it turns into a budding yeast and that's what causes all the signs that we see"

Nud is just one case of an infection that plagues Central Wisconsin.

"It's crazy how I've never really heard of it, but yes Wisconsin is one of the states that gets it and actually gets it really hard here. One you start talking about something, it's amazing how people really start opening up about it, now I know tons of people that their dogs have had Blasto"

The CDC does warn that this problem is bigger than Wisconsin, and effects humans as well.

"People can get sick from it, I personally know a couple of people that have had it... and it can cause some pretty significant pneumonia and disease in humans as well"

The CDC informs yearly rates of "blasto" range from 10 to 40 cases per 100,000 persons in a county.

Dr. Block says people should stay calm, and be informed.

"It's not something to fear, definitely don't keep your dog locked up all the time, let them live a good life," She said. "Just know the signs and what to look for."

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