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Aspirus’ Environmental Services using thorough cleaning measures to ensure patient safety

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Wausau, Wis. (WAOW) -- During a global pandemic, the spread of infections and germs seem to be a fear nearly everyone has.

However, in the facilities to fight those germs is Aspirus' Environmental Services staff.

"We truly are saving lives," said Cherul Kubnick an EVS shift supervisor.

"It really plays an important role in this whole pandemic especially because we are the main part in getting rid of diseases in the hospital," said Wendy Brunton an EVS aid.

Before staff starts cleaning a room, they go around with a small sponge with a special gel on it and tap highly touched areas in the room, then the manual cleaning begins.

"I start from one side of the room then make my way around so we do not miss any spots," said Brunton.

The staff wipes down everything from pipes under the sink to the bed.

After they are done manually wiping the surfaces down, they bring in special UVC lights that kill bacteria and viruses.

In the last step go staff members go back to the areas that were tapped with a special gel. The staff looks at the spots with a black light to make sure the areas were thoroughly wiped down.

"We are on the first line of defense against infection, we certainly do not want our patients to contact something that had not been cleaned properly," said Kubnick.

Each step in the sanitizing process is vital to ensure a thoroughly clean and safe environment for patients.

The staff said now that Aspirus is allowing visitors again they are wiping down frequently touched areas multiple times a day.

Victoria Saha

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