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Bike Share Program Rides out and Summer Plans Roll In

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- The city of Wausau announced Friday that its grant funded bike share partnership with Zagster is coming to an end after less than a year. The company informed the city that it will be pulling it's two bike stations from the Riverlife area after financial troubles brought on by COVID-19.

Although city officials say they are working on a way to keep the bikes in town, community members are on to other plans.

Bike sales have notably increased through quarantine, but many people were still looking forward to the easy operation of the share program. " Why would I buy ad transport a bike when I can use these for as little or long as I want -- I was really looking forward to it", a passerby said.

Wausau resident Shelby Jaecks told News 9 that she's very unsure about her summer plans. " we normally go to all community events in the summer, but with all of them being cancelled I just don't know." and " We anticipated being at the pool a lot, but instead will be swimming in the lake". Shelby along with many others is taking advantage of the extensive playground at Riverlife during the warm weather.

8 -year-old Catherine Shaw-Burns said that because her soccer season was cancelled, she and her dad plan to focus on baseball this summer.

While some are finding time well spent on sports, others express the importance of the basics. Wausau resident Frank Paterson stated that he and his son go for nature strolls at least once a day. They often take weekend vacations out of town where they take full advantage of hotel pools, but say they will not be doing so anytime soon. "It's just a risk we don't want to take right now."

As for what else to do? We turned to the man that knows best. Wausau Alderman Pat Peckham had many great ideas for all ages.

[Video of Pat Peckham and activities to be included]

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