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Police use tear gas to break up protests, looting in Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS (WKOW) -- For the second night in a row, police used tear gas to try to break up protesters in Minneapolis.

The demonstrators want justice after the death of George Floyd, who died Monday night while in police custody.

Our Minneapolis affiliate says some protesters threw bottles and rocks at law enforcement and officers responded with the gas, flash bombs and rubber bullets.

Some people took advantage of the chaotic scene, looting a Target store near the protest.

Our affiliate KSTP says other people stole from a tobacco store, a Dollar Tree and a liquor store.

It's clear Floyd's death at the hands of police has sparked a lot of anger.

Floyd's family is calling for murder charges to be filed against the officers.

The mayor of Minneapolis is also calling for criminal charges against this officer.

All four police officers that were there have been fired.

Neena Pacholke

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