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GARDEN GOODIES: Spaghetti with fresh oregano

On this week's segment of Garden Goodies Justin incorporated fresh oregano into a tasty recipe! He made a side dish of spaghetti with the herb.

Oregano is an herb in the mint family. It is easy to grow and spreads out but is not as aggressive as regular mints.

Justin plants oregano in areas where it will not compete with other plants and herbs where the soil or sunlight conditions are not as ideal as in other locations. It will of course grow better in better locations, but it is a tough plant and there is not much need to care for it as meticulously as other annual or perennial vegetables.

Many people claim oregano oil has medicinal properties, particularly in combating bacterial and viral infections, although these attributes have not been rigorously proven.

Wednesday we enjoyed a simple favorite side dish, spaghetti noodles with fresh chopped oregano, butter, salt, and garlic. Add ingredients to taste.

Tip: it takes a lot of fresh oregano to bring out the flavor with the noodles. I picked about 50 leaves and it might not have been enough for the 1/3 package of spaghetti noodles Justin boiled.

Neena Pacholke

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