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Marcus Theatres plans to reopen late June, early July

MADISON (WKOW)-- As businesses across Wisconsin slowly start to reopen, movie theaters are taking their time.

The goal for Marcus Theatres to reopen is the end of June or beginning of July. The company is preparing to open in a way that is safe and enjoyable for customers.

"The low to no-contact experience in movie theaters," President and CEO Greg Marcus said. "You can buy your ticket on your phone so you don't have to go and have a transaction at a box office. You can order your concessions on your phone, or any food you want, pizza, or any of that. You can order that on a phone, and it will be prepared and ready for you to pick up."

Marcus went on to explain how capacity will be affected.

"Basically we will have two seats together and then two seats empty, and the rows in most of our theaters because most of our theaters have recliners, they're already seven feet deep. So we have the six feet of separation on all sides."

During the pandemic, studios have had to make the choice to delay releasing movies to theaters or to release films on streaming services.

"The biggest movies really need to play in movie theaters, so the studios have held off as much as they can," Marcus said. "There is stuff they did release on PVOD, it tended to be family fare. They're taking advantage of the fact that everyone is sitting at home. They can't go to the movies, they figure, well we gotta put some stuff out.

"You know our competition is the couch. The couch right now is winning, because there's no choice."

When theaters do open, Marcus is anticipating the release of Tenet.

"That is supposed to be a fantastic movie."

Chase McNamara

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