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Group of nuns hope to spread laughter through song parody

MARATHON, Wis. (WAOW)-- A group of Marathon nuns is hoping that their parody of a popular song brings joy to people during a tough time.

Three sisters from the Seraphic Adorers of the Child Jesus were praying for singer Kenny Rogers after his death last Friday.

One of the sisters started talking about one of Rogers most popular songs, 'The Gambler', the idea then came the idea of making a parody of the song but about toilet paper.

The video not meant to make fun of the situation regarding COVID-19, but to bring a little joy and laughter to people's lives.

"It's easy to have a joyful heart and if you stay worried and stressed it's not good for your health either," said Sister Mary Agnes who is the Superior in the order.

You can watch the video on their Facebook page.

Ben Zitouni

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