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New Details Emerge in DC Everest Former Teacher Investigation

Wausau, WIS (WAOW) - A newly-published criminal complaint highlights the details behind the dozens of felony charges presented against former DC Everest Senior High teacher Travis Greil.

The criminal complaint states the case began on Wednesday, February 12th when a parent said their 15-year-old female student was upset, alleging Greil recorded video up her skirt without her permission.

According to the complaint, the student was waiting outside classrooms in DC Everest Senior High when Greil told her to enter his office "to talk." Greil was allegedly sitting at his desk with an iPad in his lap, which he reportedly pressed a few buttons on and then closed up as she approached. The criminal complaint says the camera was pointed upwards, towards the ceiling, and that Greil allegedly requested the female student to sign in to a Canvas digital student account.

The student reported, via the criminal complaint, that the student walked over to his desk and used the computer, but heard the chair shift behind her and turned to find Greil had allegedly moved slightly closer to her, iPad still on his lap. She reportedly told School Resource Officers and her parents afterwards she was very uncomfortable, and feared she had been recorded. The reason she had brought it up to police attention was allegedly due to a rumor that Greil did similar things to other girls.

A second student, unnamed in the complaint due to her age, was interviewed following the first and said she'd allegedly had a similar incident with Greil on January 31st, including signing into the account, which also allegedly included Greil asking the student to move while she was signing in for no apparent reason. Greil allegedly looked at his iPad afterwards. According to the complaint, the student's testimony said Greil told her "what he was looking for wasn't there," and allegedly asked her to sign in again after looking at the iPad.

The criminal complaint continues on with 39 counts, 13 each of sexual exploitation of a child, possession of child pornography, and invasion of privacy.

Prosecutors in court Friday said there are currently 20 identified victims with more charges pending.

Mason Dowling

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