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Sen. Tammy Baldwin calls on Trump Administration to support timber industry

WISCONSIN -- Sen. Tammy Baldwin wrote a letter to send to the Trump Administration addressing the suffering hardwood, timber, and logging industry in Wisconsin.

Within the letter, Sen. Baldwin said that the decline in the industries is due to the Trump Administration's trade wars and the tariffs placed on American hardwoods.

"What my letter requests is that the Trump Administration provide the same sort of trade relief or trade aid that he's giving to other farmers to our loggers, our forest owners, and our mill workers," Sen Baldwin told News 9. "And processors because they're going to go out of business if there isn't some relief that comes soon."

She added that the Northwoods economy relies heavily on hardwood businesses and the logging industry as a whole.

To view the letter you can click here.

Rashad Williams

News 9 Reporter

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