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UW director of strength and conditioning resigns after use of racial epithet confirmed

Erik Helland, director of strength and conditioning at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, resigned Thursday afternoon after the school confirmed he had used a racial epithet in the presence of multiple basketball players, the school announced Thursday.

According to a statement from the school, Helland was recounting a story from earlier in his NBA career when he used a racial epithet in the presence of multiple players.

UW confirmed that assertion Sunday. Helland was placed on administrative leave Monday and didn't travel with the team to Minnesota for Wednesday night's game.

The school also dispelled rumors that he directed those comments towards any players.

"Multiple public reports have indicated that UW Athletics has been investigating the alleged use of racially insensitive language directed at one student-athlete. That allegation is inaccurate. UW Athletics has no evidence -- nor has it been alleged to the athletic department -- that Helland directed racially insensitive language toward any member of the men’s basketball team," the school said in their statement.

Brad Hanson

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