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DNR Issues Hundreds of Emergency Permits for Shoreline Protection

GREEN BAY, Wis (WBAY) We're getting our first indication of just how many property owners along the Bay of Green Bay are seeking emergency permits to protect their shorelines.

Since last January, the DNR tells us 261 property owners have sought authorization to install emergency rip rap.

So far this month the number is 39, or about two emergency applications per day.

Water levels on the bay and Lake Michigan have soared to record levels, and combined with high winds and waves, have already led to numerous cases of flooding and erosion.

"Urgency, concern, just devastation," recalls Crystal vonHoldt about what she could hear on the line when her phone started ringing last January.

"That's when this first started evolving for me, it has been taking place on the proper shoreline Lake Michigan for a couple years prior, but the lower bay has been a little bit behind, but now they're really, now they're really feeling the damage and the flooding," says vonHoldt, DNR Water Management Specialist.

vonHoldt is responsible for issuing shoreline protection permits for the vast majority of the Bay of Green Bay.

Sarah McGrew

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