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Shoppers hit the town to support local businesses for Small Business Saturday

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — Shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday can be an exciting way to kick off the holidays but the money goes directly toward the big box stores with little staying in our community, versus when you shop locally for small business Saturday the money stays right here in Wausau.

Owner of The Local in Wausau, Alison Magnuson said Small Business Saturday is one of their best days, as the major focus is to shop and support local businesses.

Shoppers are given the opportunity, every year, to give back to the community during the season of giving.

“You know when you focus on shopping locally you’re not only putting money back into our local economy but rather than funding another big box owners’ mega-yacht you’re putting someone’s child through dance classes,” said Blake Opal-Wahoske, Executive Director of the River District.

Supporting local businesses like The Local, where everything is unique and made locally, “it’s just really cool being able to see who makes your products and know that you’re supporting somebody local,” said Magnuson.

With Small Business Saturday being such a big day for local businesses, each maker at The Local has been preparing since August.

Shopping locally helps the community in more ways than one, something that isn’t possible when shopping online or at a big box store.

“I just think when you come to small businesses you have such a strong connection, I know when customers come in we have our regulars which we absolutely love and just being able to stand there and talk about their families about our families and I think we all need a little bit more of that,” said Magnuson. Going on to say, “I think that that almost makes it a little bit more special knowing you have something one of a kind”

Executive Director for the River District told News 9’s Amanda Lojewski that not only do local businesses benefit from Small Business Saturday, but there’s also lasting impact throughout the entire holiday shopping season.

Amanda Lojewski

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