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Two abandoned dogs found in Walmart parking lot, police say

DELAVAN, Wis. (WISN) – Two malnourished dogs were rescued Thanksgiving night from a Walmart parking lot in Delavan.

“I just happened to look over by that light post over there, and there was a teeny tiny, black and white dog,” said Chloe Lee, who found one of the dogs.

Lee’s Black Friday shopping Thursday night at the Delavan Walmart quickly turned into a dog rescue operation.

“So I jumped out, and I picked it up. I saw how skinny he was and he was so chilly and he was hungry,” Lee said.

She tried to warm him up and called police.

“It was really sad. It was a really kind dog, very sweet, came right up to me,” Lee said.

In the meantime, another customer found a second malnourished dog nearby in the parking lot.

Delavan police then turned to the power of social media.

Pictures of the dachshund mixes were shared 2,000 times, and within hours police, said they located the owner, who will not get the dogs back.

Police said the owner of the dogs could now face criminal charges of abandonment and mistreatment of animals.

The two dogs are now at Lakeland Animal Shelter and will receive medical treatment from a veterinarian.

It will be at least a month before the dogs can be adopted.

“Hopefully, people from this story they understand that there’s a lot of resources out there. The humane society, they’re so kind and so willing to work. If someone can’t take care of an animal, they’ll happily take it in,” Lee said.

Lakeland Animal Shelter said the best way to help right now is to make a donation, which will help pay for the dogs’ medical treatment.

Ally Peters

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