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How to stay safe during gun deer season

Lake Hallie (WQOW) –  There’s a week left of gun deer season and professionals want hunters to remember safety tips before heading out into the wilderness.

Dan Marcon, owner of Marc-On Shooting, said the most important thing is to let someone know where you’ll be hunting, and keep a cell phone with a backup charger. That way in the event of an accident, or getting lost, you can be located.

Marcon also reminded people taking their kids and teens hunting for the first time to prepare them beforehand on what to expect.

He added that introducing kids to gun safety is a good idea, but throwing them out in the deep end while waiting on a buck isn’t the best choice.

“It’s a great thing for kids to go out and shoot,” said Marcon. “However, bringing them out in the woods and having them shoot their first deer is not a great time to do it for the first time. Shoot at the range, in a nice controlled environment, a nice spot to sit, a nice bag to rest it on, and pull the trigger.”

Marcon also reminded seasoned hunters that using a firearm in any situation can be dangerous if not done properly, no matter how much experience someone may have.

Chase McNamara

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