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Winter car seat safety tips that parents need to be aware of

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) — Naturally, one would think their child is secure and safe while in a car seat.

During the winter, however, there is a common mistake many parents make that could jeopardize a child’s life.

During winter months, a child’s coat must come off before getting into the car seat.

“If you crash, those coats compress and make the harness looser than it should be,” said Amanda Tabin, the Safe Kids and Injury Prevention coordinator for Marathon County.

Every month, Safe Kids Marathon County hosts a series of car seat checks.

“She needed a new one and we are doing car seat checks to make sure everything is safe for every season,” said Terra Ecker, a Schofield mom.

Safe Kids showed News 9 how to strap a toddler in during winter. They suggested doing a pinch test; once you pinch the strap, you don’t want any excess material to grab on.

When wearing a winter jacket, Tabin said there is too much room between the harness and your child’s body, which means in the event of a crash, your child could come out of their car seat.

Tabin suggested making your kids wear lighter clothing and, once they are in the car, you can put a blanket or jacket over them.

Tabin said the same actually goes for adults; it’s safe to take off your winter jacket before putting on your seat belt.


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