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Wausau Waterworks holds meeting on wastewater and drinking water treatment facility upgrades

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW)– Wausau Waterworks held a meeting Wednesday night, regarding the final design of the wastewater facility plan upgrade and the relocation of the drinking water treatment facility.

The city council approved both plans for the spring of this year.

The cost for the water treatment facility is $41 million dollars, but could go up due to GWUDI requirements from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. That’s if the location of a groundwater source is close enough to nearby surface water.

The cost of the wastewater treatment facility is $80 million dollars. The project is being paid through a DNR environmental loan program.

The wastewater treatment facility will stay in its current location. The drinking water facility will move about a mile north from it’s current location and switch to the west side of the riverbank.

The current rate for wastewater is $60.83, by the end of the project the rate will be $88.50. For the water treatment the rate at the end of the project will be $66.34

“With the regulations that we’re facing and some of the issues that we’re having at both the water and wastewater treatment plant this will correct not only those now but will allow us to address any future issues,” said Eric Lindman who is the director of public works and utilities for the city of Wausau.

The video of Wednesday’s meeting can be viewed here.

The wastewater treatment facility plan can be viewed here. A presentation regarding the rate increases can be found here.

Ben Zitouni

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