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Wausau students raise money for turkey drive

Wausau (WAOW) — Students at Wausau East High School and Wausau West High School are raising money for a good cause.

The Future Farmers of American program organized the event.

Here’s how it worked. Classes raised money to buy a square. Then they brought in a live turkey which picked one of the squares. The class that picked the square got a prize.

“This is our Wausau East FFA officer team who helped organize the events and raise funds and we had our FFA pardoned turkey that’s why I’m wearing the hat here,” said Jose Staszak with the FFA. “The official pardoned turkey. Turkey lurkey.”

Money raised from the event goes to the annual turkey drive. Sunday, the school district will hand out 450 turkeys and 120 hams to people in need.

Courtney Terlecki

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