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Gov. Evers signs legislation to classify, rule on electric bikes

MADISON, Wis. (WAOW) – Electric bikes in the Badger State are now officially, legally, defined.

Governor Tony Evers signed Assembly Bill 132, which creates three categories of electric bycicles based on the type of motor attached and the assistance it provides to the rider.

It also specifies that riders under the age of 16 can’t ride them if the motor is strong enough to propel the bike over 28 miles per hour, and requires manufacturers permanently label the motors installed upon bikes.

Going forward, electric bikes will be regulated and treated to all the rules as manual-powered bicycles, except for in local municipalities where they’re specifically prohibited.

“Electric bicycles are not only a fun alternative to regular bicycles, but they offer a more sustainable and accessible transportation option for Wisconsinites,” said Gov. Evers.

Mason Dowling

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