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Same turkey chases mail carrier day after day

A turkey is on the prowl in Waukesha County, and it’s stalking a mail carrier.

Neighbors have captured the bird on camera, chasing the same mailman day after day.

Waukesha mail carrier Jeff Byrne is a turkey whisperer.

“He didn’t pay me any attention at all in the first couple of months. He’s acquainted himself quite well with the truck, and now he’s started to follow me,” Byrne said.

Byrne said the turkey’s attraction began during the summer.

Byrne said he’s been told the mail turkey is a male. Perhaps he’s waiting for a love letter. He’s definitely a lover not a fighter, but he does ruffle Byrne’s feathers.

“He did startle me one time last week when I was coming back to the truck. He kind of jumped up and flapped his wings, feathers. Got real close to my face,” Byrne said.

“You’ve been a mail carrier for 20 years. Is this first time you’ve had a turkey admirer?” WISN 12 News reporter Terry Sater asked.

“Yes, definitely. Dogs, rabbits, birds every once in a while, but never a turkey,” Byrne said.

“Do you talk to him when you’re out here?” Sater asked.

“I’ll be honest. In the beginning it was ‘Get away from the truck.’ But now I’m not even speaking to him,” Byrne said.

The U.S. Postal Service said this isn’t the first time they’ve had a turkey stalk a mail carrier.

“Is he annoying?” Sater asked.

“It’s Thanksgiving. I can’t say he’s annoying. (It’s) too close to his holiday,” Byrne said.

He said the turkey only follows him through the Takoma Hills neighborhood.

Courtney Terlecki

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