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Merrill Area school could be forced to consolidate

HAMBURG, Wis. (WAOW) — Maple Grove Charter School, a Merril Area Public School, could have to consolidate into other schools in the district.

Maple Grove has been in Hamburg for 115 years and started as a single room schoolhouse.

Superintendent John Sample said the district board is exploring consolidating due to declining enrollment across the district and at Maple Grove. He said consolidating would help provide equal resources to all students in the district.

“Those students would be able to take advantage of the support that we offer by being in town and by reallocating that money into student achievement,” Sample said.

But parents of students at Maple Grove are expressing concern with the potential future of the school.

“They’re choosing to shut us down or talk about consolidating and have that be an option, even though we’re a successful school. So, that’s just kind of disheartening as a parent… it should be what’s exemplified,” said Trina Lutzke who currently has two kids attending Maple Grove.

Angie Servi attended Maple Grove growing up and now has kids at the school. She said she values the small class sizes and unique learning experiences.

If the school consolidates, Servi doesn’t know yet where she’d send her kids for school next year.

“I have some concerns about sending kids to Merrill with the long bus ride, the larger schools, the larger class sizes,” Servi said.

The District Board will discuss consolidation on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. For more information on the meeting, click here.

Sarah McGrew

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