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Edgar’s shot at redemption and a state title

Author Paulo Coelho once wrote, “Everything which is done in the present, affects the future by consequence and the past by redemption.” It’s a quote that embodies this season’s Edgar Wildcats football team.

“We talked about how last year we may not have done enough and this year we’ve done a lot of extra things,” said senior Adam Hannemann. “This year everyone’s put in a lot of extra work just to make sure we can get the edge on them.”

Hannemann is referring to the fact that the wildcats have worked all season for Thursday; a state championship rematch against a co-op’d version of the team that beat them last year in Madison, Blackhawk/Warren.

However, for Edgar the game isn’t about revenge.

“It’s more of a redemption,” said senior Kaleb Hafferman. “Because we feel we didn’t play our best at state.”

“Usually things go smooth, last year they didn’t go smooth prior to the game,”agreed Edgar’s long-time Head Coach Jerry Sinz. “Consequently they didn’t go smooth in the game either so hopefully we can get that corrected this year.”

Luckily for Edgar history is on their side.

Since 1991, when making the state championship game in back to back years, they have a perfect 4-0 record when coming off a loss the previous season.

The most recent occurrence being in 2008 and 2009, when the Wildcats lost to Stratford before beating Regis the following year. It’s a trend they hope continues.

“I think it’ll be a good one,” said Sinz. “(Blackhawk/Warrem) look to me to be as good or better than they were a year ago. We think that maybe we’re as good or better than we were a year ago, so it should be fun.”

The final chapter in the Wildcats story of redemption will be written starting Thursday at 10 A.M. as the program looks to win their eighth state title under Coach Sinz.

Alex Stewart

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